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12 August 2009


Am currently testing ScribeFire via firefox. this seems to be working ok so far.

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20 May 2009

Windows 7

current i’m testing windows 7 Rc1. it’s getting pretty interesting. As now that i’ve noticed that it’s a little speedier than windows vista. lets not judge as this is still in RC stage.

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28 March 2009

Testing Post

it's been ages since i've tried using blogspot. maybe i'm just not a person who's into blogging


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08 March 2007


Been busy with life lately... i hv no idea of what i'm doing. But heck i'm just busy.
And yes i've changed the template for this blog...
probably i'd be posting more often here when i get my things work out well
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15 October 2006


click on the image to download
after sometime of being away from making wallies...
i'm back with this piece
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14 September 2006

New Age Poems

Roses are red, Violets are blue
Monkeys like u should be kept in zoo.
Don't feel so angry you will find me there too Not in
cage but laughing
at you.

Twinkle Twinkle little star
You should know what you are
And once you know what you are
Mental hospital is not so far.

The rain makes all things beautiful.
The grass and flowers too.
If rain makes all things beautiful
Why doesn't it rain on you?

I wrote your name on sand it got washed.
I wrote your name in air,it was blown away.
then I
wrote your name on my heart
i got Heart Attack

When ur life is in darkness pray to God
ask him to free u from darkness
and if after you pray
and you're still in darkness,
please pay your ELECTRICITY BILL!

God saw me hungry, HE created pizza .
HE saw me thirsty, HE created Pepsi
HE saw me in dark, HE created light
HE saw me without problems, HE created YOU.

*pls note that these were not writen by me. this is purely for fun purposes only
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11 September 2006

The devil inside

I stand here
looking at the sun
looking at the light
looking at the bright

I realize one thing
there's someone
lookin at me
staring at me

I'm afraid
of the being from the sun
that's looking at me
that's staring at me

The fear inside
fades away
rides far away
the chill goes away

Something rises from the inside
it feels strong
it feels powerfull
it feels chaotic

I know i'm a human
i feel like a devil
i know i'm a human
i kill like the devil

The fear on the sun
made me beleive it was fear
it is me inside
who is a devil as always

The sun was just fake
of my emtions
of my experience
of my life

Now i'm devil that kills for fun
killing is a pleasure
your death is my treasue
designed by death
for death
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Motion Of A Fly

Motion Of A Fly
Took this photo with my cellphone (sonyericsson W810i)
did some motion blur on this
got a nice focus on the fly on the fence
click on the image for fullsize view at Deviantart
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